City of Eugene and Council for Responsible Sport lead effort to develop groundbreaking program for hosting responsible, sustainable events

March 2, 2018

EUGENE—The City of Eugene, in partnership with the Council for Responsible Sport, has developed a pioneering Responsible Event Framework helping event stakeholders adopt and achieve objectives that apply a triple bottom line concept of weighing social and environmental results of decisions alongside economic ones. Work to build this framework was made possible by a generous grant from the Global Philanthropy Partnership and the URBAN SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTORS NETWORK. The Responsible Event Framework and all associated resources are available online by visiting EUGENE-OR.GOV/RESPONSIBLEEVENTFRAMEWORK.

“This work has created a new kind of roadmap for hosting responsible events of all sizes,” said Deveron Musgrave, Sustainable Event Program Coordinator for the City of Eugene. “The Responsible Event Framework is an exciting step forward and shares what we’ve seen work here and in other cities where there is a commitment to leveraging the energy and resources around events to showcase their values, collaborate with partners, and create inclusive space.”   

The goal of the RESPONSIBLE EVENT FRAMEWORK is to provide ways for stakeholder groups to align values with actions, and to link with larger community, policy, and organizational goals. By creating a shared language, event partners can work collaboratively to promote community health and growth, economic stability and environmental health while planning and producing successful events. 

“Events are great vehicles for tourism and promoting destinations, but up to now there has been no clear guide to assist stakeholder groups towards aligning their important but varied goals.” Said Shelley Villalobos, Managing Director of the Council for Responsible Sport, an Oregon-based non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in sport and which co-produced the framework. “The Council for Responsible Sport was thrilled to contribute to this project to promote definitive action toward responsible events. We have great examples of where there is added value using this approach, at any entry point – whether you’re an event organizer, a sponsor, a city, a tourism bureau or a partner institution like a nearby college or University.”

Development of the framework included input and leading practices from cities including Phoenix, Boulder, San Jose (CA), Washington, D.C., Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Additionally, leading private and public organizations including the LA28 Olympic committee on sustainability and Legacy, Waste Management, AHM Brands, M Culinary Concepts, Travel Lane County, and Chicago Events Management helped shape the framework.

The Responsible Event Framework is available for all to use for free. “This is likely the most comprehensive “how-to” guide for hosting a responsible event ever produced” said Villalobos “I would encourage everyone in the event space to benefit from the insights and experiences it provides” she concluded.




About the City of Eugene’s Responsible Events Program:  

The City of Eugene encourages event planners and sponsors to invest in sustainable event management practices, and to excel beyond current industry practices–improving the environmental footprint of events. Sustainable events support the City’s goal of sustainable development by implementing a Triple Bottom Line approach, considering the environment, economy, and equity.  Learn more at WWW.EUGENE-OR.GOV/SUSTAINABLEEVENTS